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MyEpipeline streamlines the process of identifying, qualifying, communicating and managing government procurement. Its personalized and data-mining functionality enables you to find the most relevant information in a cost-effective manner.


My Profile Tree- The "My Profile Tree" allows you to easily see all Personal and Shared Pipeline Profiles and Tracked Opportunities in your system.

My Inbox- enables you to efficiently manage new opportunities, daily updates and news matching profile criteria.

My epipeline Profiles- Pipeline Profiles allow the epipeline application to perform daily searches based on a comprehensive criteria created by the user.

My Tracked Opportunities- workspace centralizes the intelligence gathering process and streamlines business development by allowing you to customize your research with attached notes, company data, contacts, news, and contract histories.

My Saved Searches- The capability to build and memorize your searches will help you save time and allow you to compare your search results over time.

My Weekly Report- This comprehensive Summary Report allows you to view Account Weekly Activity and Status, including detailed view of Tracked Opportunity Pipeline sorted by Stage and Next Action Date.

My Interested Parties- Detailed report that displays all opportunities listing your company as an Interested Party

Teamnet Profile- Enables you to share details about your company such as contract performance history, industry and government contracting classifications, geographic coverage, and important contacts within your firm with other TeamNet members.


  • Improves efficiency by reducing costs and increasing speed of process
  • Facilitates communication and information exchange across teams
  • Saves valuable research time while ensuring you the latest content in your target areas.

Federal Contracting: epipeline & You
epipeline's proprietary research, enables you to effectively identify, qualify, distribute, and manage opportunities at an earlier stage, reducing your costs and providing a competitive advantage.