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NAICS Newsletter December 14, 2012

NAICS 561720

Janitorial Services

Government Contract and Procurement Analysis Report

Report Summary

This report, offered by epipeline, contains a brief analysis of the Federal government's procurement practices with regards to purchasing Janitorial Services.

You will find information on the top federal government agencies that purchase these services, as well as their procurement strategy (i.e. full and open competition, set-asides and more). Finally, there is a review of the top companies that are awarded federal government contracts for Janitorial Services.

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This report takes an in-depth look at the 'Janitorial Services' industry, NAICS 561720. epipeline's Contract History Plus* provides you with a broad context and several perspectives that enable you to develop the best positioning and strategy for your company to more effectively compete for government contracts. The following graph illustrates one such perspective: the top Government departments/agencies buying these services over the last four fiscal years.

Top 10 Federal Agencies by % of Total Market FY09 through FY13 for NAICS 561720


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in cleaning building interiors, interiors of transportation equipment (e.g., aircraft, rail cars, ships), and/or windows. Illustrative Examples: Custodial services Service station cleaning and degreasing services Housekeeping (i.e., cleaning) services Washroom sanitation services Maid (i.e., cleaning) services

The size standard associated with NAICS 561720 is $16.5 million (effective November 5, 2010), which means that a company, including its affiliates, would be considered a "small business" if their average annual earnings do not exceed $16,500,000 for each of the pay periods for the preceding completed 12 calendar months.

Total reported spending under NAICS 561720 for the period of Fiscal Year 2009 (FY09) through Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13) was $3.3 billion. FY13 reported spending of $116 million for services under NAICS 561720. The chart below illustrates the reported** spending by year for FY09 through FY13.

Reported Contract Spending for NAICS 561720 FY09 through FY13

Source: epipeline's Contract History Plus*


The Public Buildings Service was the largest procurer for these services for the last five fiscal years (FY09 through FY13), with more than $1 billion in contract spending, comprising 30% of the market share for NAICS 561720. The Army took the second spot, with $385 million in reported spending for this period. The Air Force came in third with $295 million, making the top three a combined market share of over 50% for all spending in NAICS 561720.

Housing and Urban Development, Veterans Affairs, and the Navy all topped $100 million for NAICS 561720.

Top 10 Federal Agencies by % of Total Market FY09 through FY13 for NAICS 561720

Source: epipeline's Contract History Plus*


The two charts below identify the top 10 Companies, by market share, for the period of FY09 through FY13. The first chart represents the top 10 companies that were awarded their contracts under ANY type of competition, whether it was full and open, small business set-aside, sole-sourced, etc. This list primarily consists of large businesses. The second chart, however, lists the top 10 companies that won their contracts under RESTRICTED competition. Specifically, epipeline limited this to those contracts awarded under the acquisition strategies listed below. The contract dollars represented on this second chart may not include all contract dollars for the individual contractor.

  • 8(a) Competed
  • 8(a) Small Disadvantaged (SDB) set-aside
  • 8(a) sole-source
  • SDB set-aside
  • SDB, 8(a) with HUBZone
  • Combination HUBZone and 8(a)
  • HUBZone set-aside
  • HUBZone sole-source
  • Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) set-aside
  • SDVOSB sole-source
  • Emerging Small Business set-aside
  • Very Small Business set-aside
  • Reserved for Small Businesses ($2501 to $100,000)
  • Total Small Business set-aside

FEDCAP Rehabilitation Services achieved the top spot on the unrestricted competition list, with almost $100 million in contract dollars for FY09 to FY13 and more than 3% of market share. Chimes District of Columbia landed over $65 million in contract dollars with SPSA LLC, and CWIS LLC both earning over $50 million. Melwood Job Line and Goodwill Industries of North Georgia both topped $40 million. Four additional firms, Davis Memorial Goodwill Industries, Brevard Achievement Center, Ahtna Government Services Corporation, and Integrity National Corp, topped $30 million in contracting dollars for this same time period.

PLEASE NOTE: as this is a listing by Company name, rather than PARENT company, some companies may have more than one ranking, which may not be reflected in the chart below.

Top 10 NAICS 561720 Contractors by % of Total Market for FY09 through FY13 - All Acquisition Strategies

Source: epipeline's Contract History Plus*

The combined contract spending for contracts awarded under "restricted competition," as outlined above, totaled over $902 million for FY09 through FY13. CWIS LLC takes the top spot, with reported spending of over $50 million for this period, or almost 6% of market share. Integrity National Corp and Ahtna Government Services Corporation secured $32 million, and $25 million, respectively.

PLEASE NOTE: as this is a listing by Company name, rather than PARENT company, some companies may have more than one ranking, which may not reflected in the chart below.

Top 10 NAICS 561720 Contractors by % of Total Market for FY09 through FY13 - Restricted Competition

Source: epipeline's Contract History Plus*


66% of contract spending reported for the FY09 through FY13 timeframe under NAICS 561720 used full and open (unrestricted aka "N/A") competition. This equated to over $2.2 billion. Small business set-aside contracts topped $366 million. 8a Sole Source, Competitive 8a, and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business set asides all topped $100 million.

Acquisition Breakout under NAICS 561720 for FY09 through FY13

Source: epipeline's Contract History Plus*


These contracts are being performed across the United States with a reported spending for the FY09 through FY13 period of $3.3 billion.

The highest total of reported contract spending is reported for the District of Columbia, with $232 million. Texas ($212 million) and Florida ($190 million) took the second and third spots. Together, the top five states represent over 25% of market under NAICS 561720. Nine of the top ten states reported at least $100 million for NAICS 561720 during this time period.

Contract Place of Performance under NAICS 561720 for FY09 through January 2011

Source: epipeline's Contract History Plus*

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