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Company Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence on Federal Government Contractors

The competitive intelligence provided by epipeline gives you a critical edge you can use to win more federal contracts. epipeline's “Company Market Intelligence” helps you to find the best teaming partners, at an earlier stage in the government bidding process, so you have more time to formulate a more competitive and comprehensive solution and proposal to meet the government agency's needs.


  • Expansive keyword search capabilities
  • Comprehensive view of partner and competitor companies:
    • Product and service offerings
    • Federal Government performance history
    • Detailed contact information to assist in the relationship-building process
    • Interactive links to detailed procurement contract history
    • Historical spending by agency, place of performance, and Set-Aside Program


  • Define potential partners based on agency, place of performance, product offerings and procurement history
  • Establish a competitive position which enables your company to distinguish from the competition
  • Save time and resources when identifying and qualifying business opportunities
  • Capability to export information in a convenient format


Federal Contracting: epipeline & You
epipeline's proprietary research, enables you to effectively identify, qualify, distribute, and manage opportunities at an earlier stage, reducing your costs and providing a competitive advantage.