November 3, 2005

epipeline's Eye on "Professional and Management Development Training," NAICS 611430


As the Business Development Manager responsible for creating the business plan for your company, it can be very challenging to gain a perspective of opportunities over the several years; and from that, determine the specific opportunities to pursue.


This week we are going to look at the "Professional and Management Development Training" industry, as represented under NAICS 611430. To understand this NAICS code better, epipeline has asked the following questions:


  1. Who issues the contracts?
  2. Who wins the contracts?


NAICS 611430 is used when the contract requires an array of short duration courses and seminars for management and professional development. Training for career development may be provided directly to individuals or through employers' training programs; and courses may be customized or modified to meet the special needs of the Government. Instruction may be provided in diverse settings, such as the contractor's or Government's training facilities, educational institutions, the workplace, or the home, and through correspondence, television, Internet, or other means.


The size standard associated with this code is $6 Million, which means that a company, including its affiliates, would be considered a "small business" if their average annual gross revenue does not exceed $6 Million for the past three years.


This NAICS was previously represented by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code 8299 as it pertained to Management development training, Professional development training, and Quality assurance training.


Total reported spending under NAICS 611430 in FY03 was over $175 Million. FY04 saw an increase in spending, to over $230 Million. (source: epipeline's FPDS information, covering fiscal years 2003 and 2004).


Who issues the contracts?


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the largest buyer of services under NAICS 611430, with over $110 Million in contract spending during fiscal years 2003, 2004 and 2005*. This equated to a 24% market share. The Unites States Army, Navy, the Department of Energy and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) round out the top five. These five departments comprise two-thirds of NAICS 611430 spending in FY03-FY05*, which equates to just over $300 Million. The chart below illustrates the market share held by the top ten agencies under NAICS 541690 for FY03, FY04, and FY05* combined.



Source: epipeline's FPDS information, covering FY03-FY05*
*Note: FY05 data may not include all contract expenditures for all quarters.


Who wins the contracts?


The table below lists the top 25 Companies, as ranked by their contract values for FY04. This table is broken out by acquisition strategy.  The columns to the left represent the top 25 companies that were awarded their contracts under ANY type of competition, whether it was full and open, small business set-aside, sole-sourced, etc. This list primarily consists of large businesses. The columns to the left, however, lists the top 25 companies that won their contracts under RESTRICTED competition. Specifically, epipeline limited this to those contracts awarded under the following acquisition strategies:

         8(a) Competed

         8(a) Small Disadvantaged (SDB) set-aside

         8(a) sole-source

         SDB set-aside

         SDB, 8(a) with HUBZone

         Combination HUBZone and 8(a)

         HUBZone set-aside

         HUBZone sole-source

         Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) set-aside

         SDVOSB sole-source

         Emerging Small Business set-aside

         Very Small Business set-aside

         Reserved for Small Businesses ($2501 to $100,000)

         Total Small Business set-aside


Automation Technologies, Inc., is the only company that makes both lists, ranked at # 14 under any acquisition strategy, and # 1 for competitions limited to small businesses of any type. Note, as this is a listing by Company name, rather than PARENT company, some companies may have more than one ranking.


Top 25 Companies For NAICS 611430 (FY04 Only)

FY04 Spending

All types of Competition

FY04 Rank

Restricted Competition

FY04 Spending

$ 43,856,359

Lockheed Martin Technical Services


Automation Technologies, Inc

$ 2,816,473

$ 16,909,336

San Diego City College


Electrosystems Engineers, Inc

$   882,868

$ 13,366,556

Anteon Corporation


SMI Global Mission Support Inc

$   869,000

$ 9,177,176

Wackenhut Services Inc


Electrosystems Engineers Inc

$   780,840

$ 7,693,597

Tetra Tech NUS


Chenega Technology Services Co

$   748,276

$ 6,142,605

Caliber Associates Inc


Frankie Friend & Associates, Inc.

$   740,659

$ 6,079,578

SDS International, Inc


Eagle Support Services Corp

$   540,000

$ 5,342,062

Alion Science And Technology C


The Edge Research And Development

$   526,400

$ 5,299,635

Bearingpoint LLC


Wedgewood Consulting Group, Inc

$   477,786

$ 4,113,433

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)


Bylinski Consulting

$   450,500

$ 3,567,880

Eagle Support Services Corp


ICF Incorporated

$   450,000

$ 3,004,026

General Physics Corporation


CBD Training, Inc

$   408,000

$ 2,862,752

Chickasaw Nation Industries Inc


Alpha-Gamma Technologies Inc

$   352,000

$ 2,816,473

Automation Technologies, Inc


A&T Systems, Inc

$   331,607

$ 2,694,532

Turtle Rattle Learning Inc


Conger & Elsea, Inc.

$   140,000

$ 2,682,545

Carley Corporation


DRI Consulting

$   136,824

$ 2,583,143

Phoenix Consulting Group Inc


Yahwehs Computers Inc

$   126,464

$ 2,327,312

Central Texas College District


EM-Assist, Inc

$   123,999

$ 2,072,889

Achieveglobal, Inc


Atlantic Management Center Inc

$   108,548

$ 1,973,903



Synectics Trainers, Inc

$   107,600

$ 1,915,343

ESI International Incorporated


Institute Of Development Management

$    92,594

$ 1,857,288

International Business Machine (IBM)


Mind & Media, Inc

$    92,419

$ 1,717,114

TITAN Corporation


Kauffman And Associates Incorporated

$    90,917

$ 1,578,221

Spearhead No 2 Of The Avraham


Environmental Impact Training

$    90,000

$ 1,553,508

Career Training Concepts, Inc


Imedia IT, Inc

$    80,860

Source: epipeline's FPDS information, covering fiscal year 2004

epipeline's application contains many opportunities which are identified by this NAICS code. To learn more about the NAICS 611430 opportunities or other opportunities that epipeline is tracking today; try the following search in the epipeline application:


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