February 10, 2005


epipeline's Eye on Wired Telecommunications Carriers, NAICS 517110


As the Business Development Manager responsible for creating the business plan for your company, it can be very challenging to gain a perspective of opportunities over the several years; and from that, determine the specific opportunities to pursue.


This week we are going to look at the opportunities for Wired Telecommunications Carriers (NAICS 517110). To understand this NAICS code better, epipeline has asked the following questions:


1.   Who issues the contracts?

2.   Who wins the contracts?


NAICS 517110 is used when establishments engaged in (1) operating and maintaining switching and transmission facilities to provide point-to-point communications via landlines, microwave, or a combination of landlines and satellite linkups or (2) furnishing telegraph and other non-vocal communications using their own facilities.


This NAICS covers many specific topics as they relate to research and development. NAICS 517110 is the current, 2002 version of the NAICS code. The 1997 version was NAICS 513310. It was also previously represented by the following Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes:

        4813 Telephone Communications, Except Radiotelephone (except resellers)

        4822 Telegraph and Other Message Communications



Who issues the contracts?


The Department of Defense is the largest buyer of services under NAICS 517110, commanding almost 75% of the market share over fiscal years 2001 through 2003, according to Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS - source, epipeline's strategic partner, Eagle Eye). The United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Department of Energy round out the top five. The break down of these five departments (agencies) is depicted in the pie chart below.


Market Share (FY01-FY03) by Agency


Source: FPDS information from epipeline's strategic partner, Eagle Eye.



Who wins the contracts?


Several companies hold a significant market share of federal spending under NAICS 517110, either on their own or through joint ventures. According to the FPDS data (through Eagle Eye), MCI Worldcom had the highest market share for FY01 through FY03, with over 20%. SAIC comes in a close second with 18.45% of the market share. They also hold one of the largest contracts, number DCA200-02-D-5001. FY03 reported spending was $326,752,308. That contract is expected to run through September 2010 (all options exercised) and was for Defense Information Systems Network Global Solutions. That particular program was a multiple award, and SETA Corporation was awarded the other contract, number DCA200-02-D-5000, which had reported spending of $19,709,520 in FY2003. Information about this awarded contract can be found under epipeline's referenced program code, DISN DGS-R (enter into program code field). The table below represents the top ten contractors/joint ventures under this NAICS.


Top 10 Contractors by Market Share (FY01-03) for NAICS 517110



Parent Company


Market Share

FY01 thru FY03


MCI Worldcom




Science Applications Intl Corp (SAIC)




Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Corp.




General Dynamics Corp.




Siemens AG








Verizon Communications




Lucent Technologies Inc




TSA Systems LTD




Iridium Satellite LLC



Source: FPDS information from epipeline's strategic partner, Eagle Eye.


epipeline's Information Technology (IT) vertical contain a significant number of opportunities which are identified by this NAICS code. To learn more about the NAICS 517110 opportunities or other opportunities that epipeline is tracking today; try the following search in the epipeline application:


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