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Anonymous FOIA Requests

Anonymous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

Anonymous FOIA Requests and Library Services

epipeline customers can take advantage of our anonymous FOIA request service. epipeline will FOIA the government anonymously (using epipeline's name and address) on a customer's behalf for specific contracting documents.

Additionally, epipeline often has valuable solicitation/contract documents pre-existing in the research library. These documents are readily available upon request or for download from the Opportunity Report with no charge to epipeline's clients.

There is an $85 epipeline administrative fee on top of any government fees accrued as a result of the anonymous FOIA request. Note: epipeline is held to the same regulations as any other FOIA request submitter and can't guarantee the time it takes to receive the documents.

In submitting an anonymous FOIA request, please include the following information:

  1. Contract or RFP number
  2. Incumbent Contractor's Name
  3. Procurement Agency
  4. Be very specific in the documents that are being requested. For example, Contract (All Sections, usually A thru M), Task Orders, Modifications.

Contact epipeline today to request documents or for more information on our anonymous FOIA request service.


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