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Your Fed Bid Solution

Find Your Federal Contracts Solution

epipeline provides businesses of all sizes and types with a better way to find and pursue federal business opportunities:

Small Business
epipeline levels the playing field for small businesses, providing world-class government market research and intelligence on federal government contracts and bid opportunities that can be leveraged to successfully out-bid businesses many times their size. Best of breed fed bid management tools help the small business to make the most effective use of their existing staff and resources to compete for federal contracts.

Large Business
epipeline is a competitive edge that large businesses use to optimize their federal proposal management process and more effectively coordinate resources and manage fed bid opportunities across departments. epipeline also provides unparalleled capability to reach and collaborate with the subcontracting community.

Whether you are in business development, sales, federal proposal administration or market research, epipeline can help you to more effectively identify, manage and win government contracts.

Business Development Professional
Work smarter, spending less time searching and aggregating bid opportunities from disparate sources. With epipeline you get targeted federal contracts leads sent right to your Inbox daily.

Contract Administration Professional and/or Proposal Manager
With an expansive resource for company reports, historical procurement data and government contracts intelligence at your finger tips, you can turn more fed bid opportunities into awards using epipeline to craft winning proposals.

Market Researcher
epipeline's comprehensive proprietary database is a complete government market research solution, with tens of thousands of unique long and short lead federal business opportunities, exclusive access to competitive intelligence resources, federal bids history, government contact information, past performance analysis data and much more.

Federal Contracting: epipeline & You
epipeline's proprietary research, enables you to effectively identify, qualify, distribute, and manage opportunities at an earlier stage, reducing your costs and providing a competitive advantage.