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Solution FAQs

Q: What makes epipeline unique?
The epipeline application combines the benefits of an enterprise-wide sales management application with personalized market intelligence and content. By seamlessly integrating these components, we provide a platform that enables federal contractors of all sizes to win more business, become more profitable and build effective teaming relationships that are instrumental in winning government contract awards.

Q: Who uses epipeline?
Companies of all sizes that are interested and/or involved in federal government contracting can use epipeline. Companies and organizations that would like to become more knowledgeable and connected in the federal procurement space will derive value from our solution. It is a sourcing, management and collaboration platform that enables companies to make better decisions, faster and turn opportunities into contract awards.

Q: What are the benefits of using epipeline?
Companies using the epipeline management and collaboration application are able to more effectively address the federal sales process. Communication and collaboration is improved among all members of the sales team. Sales personnel also receive the benefit of having access to personalized business intelligence that is easily integrated into the sales management and collaboration application. epipeline also provides access to a variety of business service providers – ranging from financial services to online meeting services – which further assist our customers.

Q: Can I access other services through epipeline?
epipeline is continually growing its list of partners and business service providers in order to enhance the service we offer to our customers. We actively seek and partner with companies that help us meet the needs and demands of our customers. To learn more about our partnership strategy, visit the Partners section of our website.

Q: Is there training available if I need it?
epipeline offers comprehensive training sessions on request. During these training sessions, users are navigated through the entire epipeline site and instructed on how to use each section with ample time for Q and A. The “epipeline guide” (a workbook in pdf format) is available for participants who would like hard-copy training materials. Additionally, epipeline offers an online help section, accessible through the application's main menu "Help " link.

Q: How many users can I set up on epipeline?
An unlimited number of users can be established by an individual company. However, subscriptions are offered on a per user basis. Once you become a customer, you have the option of creating an infinite number of customized, personal "pipeline profiles" and shared company profiles. Company profiles allow for resource collaboration and information sharing among subscribers within a company, thus creating a more effective business development team and a more efficient means of tracking and qualifying opportunities.

Q: What kind of customer care does epipeline provide?
epipeline’s customer care representatives are ready to help customers via email and phone M-F from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Customers can acquire technical assistance from our trainers or research assistance directly from our skilled team of analysts. We value our customers and strive to provide the best service in the marketplace.

Technology FAQs

Q: What platform is epipeline built on?
epipeline operates on Sun hardware and the Sun Solaris 8 operating system. We utilize Oracle 9i database servers and Netscape Web servers. Network traffic is managed by Cisco hardware.

Q: What are the hardware and software requirements for using epipeline?
All you need is a personal computer capable of running Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or higher and an internet connection at speed of at least 28.8 Kbps.

Q: How do I get upgrades for epipeline?
The epipeline application is 100% Web-based and requires no client software or plug-ins on the user's machine. Upgrades only need be applied to epipeline's production environment. They appear automatically to the user via his/her Web browser.

Q: What involvement, if any, is required from my company’s IT department?
The epipeline application is very IT-friendly. It works over the standard HTTP protocol, which IT typically makes available through port 80 in corporate firewalls. This means that IT does not have to do anything special to support your use of the epipeline application.

Q: Do I need to spend any money for implementation?
No. Since the epipeline application is 100% Web-based, there is no additional hardware, software or support services required to get up and running.


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